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Environmental agency COEMA approves Preliminary License for Alumina Rondon Project

The COEMA ratified the Technical Opinion issued by the Environmental Secretariat (SEMA) that gave the Project a favorable assessment, considering its environmental viability and importance for the development of Pará state.

“The approval of the Preliminary License represents society´s trust in Votorantim Metais and the Alumina Rondon Project, particularly in terms of the company´s environmental responsibility and the world class standard of the development,” said Sérgio Carvalho, the Alumina Rondon Sustainability coordinator.

One of the Project´s great differentials is the integration of the bauxite mine with the aluminum refinery.

Alumina Rondon: project foresees the establishment of an aluminum refinery integrated with a bauxite mine in the municipal region of Rondon do Pará (PA).


The hiring and training of the labor force and suppliers will give priority to local people and businesses. Votorantim Metais has been carrying out a series of qualification exercises since the second half of 2013 to train staff not only for the Project but also for the job market. The courses are being carried out in partnership with the municipal governments of Rondon do Pará, Dom Eliseu and Abel Figueiredo, the National Rural Education Service (SENAR), the Federal Institute of Pará (IFPA), the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service (SENAI), the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Education, through the National Access to Technical Training and Employment Program (Pronatec).

Around 7,000 inhabitants of Rondon do Pará, Dom Eliseu and Abel Figueiredo are expected to be trained between 2014 and 2015. “The Alumina Rondon project is going through the environmental licensing process but we feel it is important to prepare the municipality and its residents to receive the development. The training of the local labor force is part of the principles of Votorantim Metais. The more trained professionals we have in the region, the greater chances of inserting the inhabitants into the job market and the Project,” Sérgio Oliveira explained.

Local Government Support

Votorantim Metais is developing its Local Government Support Program in Rondon do Pará, an initiative of the Instituto Votorantim (Votorantim Institute) and Brazil´s National Development Bank (BNDES) in partnership with the local municipal government. The program includes projects related to improving Municipal Government and the Physical and Territorial Planning (Master Plan, Water Treatment Plan, Mobility Plan and Housing Plan).

The Local Government Modernization projects aim to train the municipal government to create proposals to improve basic social sectors, such as taxation, education, health and social assistance, as well as train public employees to manage the use of the resources raised. The aim of the Physical and Territorial Planning is to support the municipal government and bring about the resources needed to carry out infrastructure projects, such as water supply, solid waste disposal, sewage treatment, drainage and managing rain water.