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Corporate Governance

Shareholder control of Votorantim rests with the Ermírio de Moraes family. The company has embraced a sound model of corporate governance that permeates the relations between members of the family, the Board of Directors of Votorantim S.A. and its companies, while also establishing a defined and structured succession guideline so as gain the trust of all stakeholders.

In recent years, the governance model has been enhanced to give the companies greater autonomy for the companies, so as to permit greater in-depth discussions and speed of response when taking decisions.

The evolution of the new governance model also led Votorantim to simplify its holding company structure as from January 1, 2016. Thus, what was hitherto Votorantim Participações (VPar) was taken over by Votorantim Industrial (VID), which changed its name to Votorantim S.A.