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Anti-Corruption Compliance

Popularly known as the intention or disposition to behave in a manner that is dishonest, unethical and against the law, in exchange for some personal advantage or gain, corruption adversely affects the company and causes damage in the political, economic and social spheres.

One of the pillars of the Votorantim Compliance Program Program is the prevention of corruption, and to do so we have developed the Anticorruption Compliance Program , that guides our efforts and gives in-depth details of our actions in preventing acts of corruption. In this way we intend to help you get a more in-depth understanding of the issue and the actions that must be taken to prevent it. Remember, Votorantim does not countenance any kind of corrupt practice and encourages whistleblowing where illegal acts are suspected, using the Whistleblowing Channel.

The Program also brings important information about the history of our initiatives, such as our Anticorruption Policy and the Electoral Donations Policy, as well as the training initiatives throughout our entire business.

The Votorantim Anticorruption Compliance Program is divided into 6 major fronts that seek to bring together:

  • The Votorantim Efforts to impose a Compliance Culture and the commitment of senior management;
  • • The Guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct and in the Anticorruption Policy;
  • Clear instructions to all our employees through training sessions and the distribution of materials, in addition to the channels for clarifying doubts;
  • Monitoring our practices, as well as our critical operations, by carrying out audits and risk analyses;
  • Transparent reportingand investigations carried out internally as a result of possible cases of corruption brought to our attention through the Complaints Channel;
  • Corrective Measures in cases of improper conduct.