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This program encourages the internal movement of employees at Votorantim Industrial (VID). In addition to getting professionals to experience new challenges inside or outside of their Business Units, Movimenta expands the employee's potential and global view of the Company, it promotes exchanges between areas, and reinforces the culture of One Group.


Employee development

Votorantim's employees must be prepared to be active in any type of business. Thus, having experience in more than one Unit is one of the items taken into account in employee promotions.

The program is carried out by the Human and Organizational Development area in the Business Units, but it is up to the employee to apply and follow the evolution of the process on the Group's Intranet. The program has some rules for participating, such as salary level (current salary and the salary in the position the person intendes to occupy), and period worked in current position (at least 24 months).