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Votorantim DNA

Called the Votorantim DNA, Votorantim consolidated a document that serves as the basis for guiding the actions of the holding company and investees.

It is a compilation of the best practices incorporated by the company over time, with the purpose of directing actions, decisions and forms of relationship with the various stakeholders.

The document is divided into three main parts:

Values and Beliefs

They represent our way of being and acting:

  • Our Values: Solidity, Ethics, Respect, Entrepreneurship and Union.
  • Our Beliefs: Talent Development, Meritocracy, Excellence, Pragmatism, Open Dialogue, Alliance and Sense of Ownership.

Governance Principles

They represent the way we govern our businesses:

  • Governance bodies (Boards and Advisory Committees of Votorantim S.A. and the investee companies; directorates of the holding company Votorantim S.A. and the investee companies) and the roles and responsibilities of their members;
  • Decision-making powers of these bodies and their members (formalized and complemented by the bylaws of the respective investee company and their own corporate governance principles);
  • Corporate agenda, which coordinates the main macro processes for the management, discussions and decision-making among the investee companies, the Votorantim Board of Directors and the holding company Votorantim S.A.

Management Pillars

They represent the way we manage our businesses:

  • Financial management – Ensure the financial discipline that enables the desired risk-return profile.
  • Value creation – Establish the vision, identify the potential value of the business and translate this into concrete plans that align and mobilize the organization;
  • Operational excellence – Search constantly to improve processes through the sharing of best practices and capturing of synergies among the investee companies;
  • People and organization – Preserve the Votorantim culture by means of managers who practice the company’s values and beliefs;
  • Image and reputation – Preserve and promote Votorantim’s image and reputation among its various stakeholder groups.