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  1. Global Compact

    Votorantim Industrial has been a signatory to the Global Compact since 2011. This is an initiative of the United Nations (UN) aimed at rallying the business community to adopt internationally accepted basic values and practices related to human rights, labor relations, the environment and combating corruption.

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  2. Cement Sustainability Initiative

    The CSI is an international protocol that brings together the world´s largest producers of building material to promote the interexchange of experiences and spread of best practices. The organizations that take part assume voluntary commitments and targets related to social and environmental issues. Votorantim Cimentos joined the CSI in 1999 and was one of the founding members.

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  3. CDP Supply Chain

    Fibria is a leading participant in the CDP Supply Chain and was the first company in the forestry sector in the world to meet the conditions. The company has committed itself to taking the climatic risks of its supply chain into consideration in future investment decisions and ensure that its suppliers assume their own climatic commitment in the governance of their companies.

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  4. Water Footprint Network (WFN)

    Fibria is a member of the Water Footprint Network which aims to strengthen companies´ commitment to sustainable development through the strategic management and rational use of water, based on the WFN guidelines. This initiative studies and publicizes the impacts of human consumption and production on water resources.

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  5. New Generation Plantations Project (NGPP)

    Fibria takes part in this project which involves companies and governments. It aims to evaluate and establish the best concepts and techniques for forestry management in a way that integrates commercial aspects, the conservation of biodiversity and meets human needs. This initiative was created by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

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  6. Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD)

    Fibria has associated itself with this survey that aims to evaluate how companies operate in forestry management in terms of their “forest footprint”, based on the exposure to five main commodities – soybeans, palm oil, timber, cattle products and biofuel – in their operations and/or supply chains. The survey was created in 2010 and its first report highlighted Fibria as a company committed to the use of 100% certified timber in the near future.

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