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Producing in a Responsible Way

The Votorantim Group handles questions related to sustainability through an analysis of the issues involving the sustainability of its business interests, environmental limits and social aspects arising from our operations.

Our strategic positioning is based on nine themes which identify the main challenges that will allow us to move towards sustainable development. These topics are all aligned to our Corporate Identity – represented by Vision, Aspiration, Values, Beliefs and Sustainability Principles – as well as the strategy of each Business Unit.

1 – Growing in a responsible way
We can only achieve the Votorantim Vision through well structured governance.

2 - Products, services and clients
A diversified portfolio of products allows us to add sustainable values to the productive chain and encourage aware consumption.

3 – Supply chain
As leaders in the chain, we must encourage suppliers to promote sustainable practices that are aligned to those of Votorantim, thereby reducing risks and maximizing opportunities.

4 – Occupational health and safety (including outsourced staff)
To ensure the well being, health and safety of our employees and outsourced staff is a basic premise of our operations which, by their nature, involve intrinsic risks.

5 – Developing people
Our employees are the base of the Group´s value creation and are essential in bringing about its growth. By developing the talents of our professionals, we can help build a fairer and more inclusive society.

6 – Forming relationships with the communities where we operate and developing them
We are present within communities and can help develop people and the environment, thereby creating mutual value.

7 – Ecoefficiency and the responsible use of resources
We use a great amount of raw materials and energy in our processes and need to ensure the availability and proper use of these productive resources in the long term.

8 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions generated by industrial activity
As large emitters, we must be aligned with international practices and agreements on climate change and continuously aim to reduce emissions.

9 – Biodiversity and ecosystem services
As owners and users of large areas in regions important in terms of biodiversity, which play a central role in providing ecosystem services, we must be aligned with international agreements on protecting them to guarantee the availability of natural resources in the long term.