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Right to use the information.

All content of this website, whether it is textual or graphic, or even the code that composes it, constitutes an intellectual property of Votorantim Group, except where it was otherwise indicated.

This website may contain text passages, diagrams, illustrations, images and other information from third parties, not altering the rights of the proprietary of the respective material.

You can copy, send through e-mail, print and download the content and the documents incorporated to this website only in the following conditions:

the content and the documents will be used only for personal purposes and with an informative reason, never for commercial purposes;

the content and the documents can not suffer any change, under no circumstances;

except in the conditions described above, you cannot use, copy, send by e-mail, print, or download, show, execute, license, transmit, or distribute the content and the documents incorporated to this website, in whole or in parts, without the previous and expressed VPAR authorization.

VPAR reserves the right to change and update this website, its content, documents and any information incorporated to it, at any time and without a previous notice.

Votorantim, which is a notorious brand, and other brands that appear in this website, are dully registered and are protected in Brazil and in many countries.

This website may contain other information regarding the copyright and register of brands that must be followed.

VPAR will make everything possible in order to keep updated and corrected the information transmitted by this website. Even so, some typos or technical imperfections may occur.

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