The event is a platform for dialogue that gathers, side by side, executives from many sectors and great specialists, Brazilian or foreign, around cross-cutting themes of impact. This open-to-public debate is part of our commitment of contributing to the reflection on relevant and necessary issues to society, with significant impacts on the business world.


ESG Era: Challenges and opportunities to companies


How ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) impacts on the culture of the organizations, influencing them and generating a virtuous cycle for the development of companies?

In this edition, Vototalks is gathering, in August, Amelia Miazad, one of the mayor global references in ESG and founder of the Business in Society Institute, at Berkeley Law; Jeane Tsutsui, CEO of Grupo Fleury, listed on the Corporate Sustainability Index of B3 (Brazilian stock exchange) and on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index of the New York Stock Exchange for emerging markets. The panel will be moderated by Gabriel Ferreira, CEO of banco BV.

For Amelia, ESG can be a powerful tool to transform the corporate culture, precisely by promoting changes in the business strategy. In her view, the platform has been effectively cross-sectional into the universe of corporations and the matter has been turning the tides that business is taking: punctual sustainable actions, that were aimed at solving specific problems, have given rise to 360º plans, that start to be part of the companies’ DNA.

The event will take place on August 26th, at 11 a.m. BRT.

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A talk about learning to rethink


Intelligence is usually seen as the ability to think and learn; but in a world that is quickly changing, there is another set o cognitive skills that might be important: the ability to rethink and unlearn.

In November, we are going to receive Adam Grant for a talk about learning to rethink. Grant has been the most renowned professor at Wharton for 7 consecutive years. As an organizational psychologist, he is one of the main specialists on how we can find motivation and meaning and live a more generous and creative life. He is recognized as one of the 10 most influential thinkers in management of the world. The panel will be moderated by João Schmidt, CEO of Votorantim S.A..

The talk will happen on November 10th, at 11 a.m. BRT.

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Dialogues around cross-cutting themes that influence the business environment.


Exponential evolution of different technologies in many fields and the changes promoted by them – now and in the future – on business and our lives. Scientific and technological transdisciplinarity in search for solutions of impact for humanity’s problems.


To adapt to contemporary challenges, cutting-edge organizations promote differentiated environments that stimulate autonomy and innovative behavior, creating complex structures and inspiring models of work and governance that counteract the traditional models of culture and management. Key concepts: meritocracy, empathy, self-management and transparency.


Creation, (re) design or incorporation of business models with disruptive potential on the market – innovative proposals of products, services and technologies, channels/access to the market, trade, and costumer relationship. Multidisciplinarity and creativity on formatting dynamic and collaborative mechanisms and methods to project execution.


Dialogues that address the importance of being prepared, motivated and with a way of thinking and acting suitable to the “VUCA” context (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), through a new way of seeing the dynamics of systems and relationships, conscious of our individual and collective role on transforming the environment in which we live.


Initiatives focused on citizenship, because we believe that conscious citizens make better choices. And when this happens, society advances and democracy is strengthened. Lines of action: promoting knowledge around themes regarding citizenship, democracy and politics; partnerships with institutions that act in defense of citizenship and democracy.

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