What we do

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We are a family-owned company that has invested with a long-term vision, seeking to deliver superior financial returns with positive social and environmental impacts since 1918.

We are present in 22 countries through a portfolio consisting of relevant companies in their industries (building materials, banking, renewable energy, infrastructure, base metals, orange juice, long steel, real estate, investments, environmental services and consumer healthcare).

Votorantim puts its values behind every business decision. Integrity, collaboration, and courage reflect the attributes that the company promotes internally and externally while keeping an eye on the financial resilience needed to foster pivotal businesses.

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How we do it

We invest with the goal of preserving shareholder’s capital while expanding our portfolio across sectors, geographies, and risk perspectives, meaning we are patiently shifting our profile to less volatile assets and more stable markets.

We take a responsible approach to the way we operate and invest. Our identity reflects the way we do business, in pursuit of the best opportunities inside and outside our portfolio.

At the right time

The right time means never missing an opportunity. Every day, we remember that today’s decisions impact future results and we must think fast and act in a structured, strategic and assertive manner. We always look ahead. However, when looking to the future, we must be ready to question what is happening in the present. We must also be ready to respond to changes in the different sectors and countries where we operate.

The right way

For us, there is only one way of doing things: the right one. Our DNA carries a unique way of being and acting. We see our companies, our employees and society through the lenses of ethics and respect. We have significant expertise in investment and the knowledge we need to continuously improve and perform more responsibly.

With the right people

We have a clear commitment: to invest in the best of each of us to achieve the best for all. We are continuously moving forward toward what is new.

Capital allocation strategy

Patient Capital, non-negotiable purpose

At Our Portfolio Companies

  • Preserve the capacity to invest: sustainability, modernization and expansion.
  • Allow growth and dividends with capital structure
  • Foster innovation to transform the business model
  • Perpetuate the Votorantim DNA

At the Portfolio Level

  • Diversification: sectors, geographies, risk factors
  • Financial and strategic flexibility for large scale investments
  • Delivering on our shareholders' investment objectives

To Our Shareholders

  • Maximize total shareholder return (TSR – Total Shareholder Return)
  • Ensure Votorantim's long term sustainability

Our governance structure

Our governance is built around three axes that are represented by integrated bodies with different responsibilities:


Represented by the Board of Hejoassu (Votorantim’s shareholder)

Represented by the Family Board

Led by two complementary bodies: the Boards of Directors and the Management Teams of the holding and the portfolio companies


All portfolio companies, including those in which Votorantim is the sole controlling shareholder, have their own governance structures, which are responsible for deliberating on strategies, management and investments. They include the Boards of Directors, Comittees and Management Teams. The performance of the committees and Board is periodically assessed by Votorantim, contributing to the evolution of governance.

Corporate Governance framework

Hejoassu Board

Composed of 12 shareholders

Conveying to the organization its macro vision, financial aspiration and risk appetite

Appointing the members of Votorantim Board of Directors

Being the guardian of Votorantim’s culture and DNA by ensuring alignment with the family’s purpose and objectives

Board of Directors of Votorantim S.A.

The Board currently has seven members, of whom four are independent, including the Chairman

Defining the strategic plan and the action plans required for its execution

Deciding on capital allocation

Appointing directors and board members of the portfolio companies

Monitoring the portfolio companies performance

Board of Directors of Votorantim S.A.

The Board of Directors must be comprised of a minimum of six and a maximum of seven members, who are elected — and can be dismissed at any time — by the voting shareholders. They serve a three-year term and can be reelected.

Eduardo Vassimon


José Roberto Ermírio de Moraes Filho

Board Member

Cláudio Ermirio de Moraes

Board Member

André Macedo

Board Member

Antonio Quintella

Board Member

Marcos Lutz

Board Member

Oscar Bernardes

Board Member

Management Team - Votorantim S.A.

Composed of a CEO and five executive officers.

João H. Schmidt


Sergio Malacrida

Executive Director

Glaisy Domingues

Executive Director

Luiz Aparecido Caruso Neto

Executive Director

Mateus Gomes Ferreira

Executive Director

Mauro Ribeiro Neto

Executive Director

Osmar Castellani Junior

Executive Director

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Our portfolio


We take a responsible approach to the way we operate and invest. Our identity reflects the way we do business, in pursuit of the best opportunities inside and outside our portfolio.

As engaged investors, we also encourage each of our portfolio companies to adopt best practices in their respective sectors, while always respecting their decision-making autonomy.”

Eduardo Vassimon

Chairman of Votorantim's Board of Directors

With 106 years of history, we take pride in our past and our recent achievements and feel confident that with the Votorantim values – Integrity, Collaboration and Courage – we will continue our journey of generating sustainable returns to our shareholders and creating a positive social and environmental impact through our business endeavors.”

João H. Schmidt

CEO, Votorantim S.A.

Votorantim's values

Our values (Integrity, Collaboration and Courage) guide our behavior at Votorantim.


Being ethical, honoring our history and creating the future with respect

We are ethical and always act with integrity everywhere in the world. Trust and respect for individual characteristics and differences bring us closer together and allow us to evolve. Integrity rewards, drives and sustains the success of our business.


Believing in continuous and constructive dialogue with people, the market and society.

We are guided by the legacy our actions will leave for society. Our business continuity only makes sense because we generate shared value in a sustainable way. An ecosystem of collaboration and growth, where people are valued, allows for differences of ideas and brings us increasingly closer to our stakeholders.


Taking responsibilities and driving results to create the future

We know that the prosperity of our businesses is driven by our noblest intentions and the results we achieve. Therefore, we lead by example and work with dedication, continually striving to go above and beyond. We perform, innovate and are courageous to think and do things differently whenever necessary.