Ensuring everyone reaches their greatest potential

In our daily work, we seek people who follow the market’s challenges and opportunities up close and have the skills to make the best decisions for our business. But, above all, we look for professionals who share the same principles as Votorantim:

We aim at generating value in the long run, and we cherish a corporate environment that sets the tone for knowledge sharing across teams.

We put integrity first by encouraging sound corporate governance practices at all levels of the company. Our purpose is non-negotiable, and this is what makes us unique.

We believe teamwork leads to the best results, and this is only possible when all the members are committed and cooperative.

We strive for a diverse team where everyone feels included and knows that their contribution matters.

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People are the most important part of our business.

Thus, our goal as employers is to ensure every employee reaches their greatest potential and contributes to Votorantim’s success.


Human development at our core

With a historic legacy, Votorantim’s businesses have built a solid work ethic and extensive experience in people development, from the very beginning of their careers to their continued evolution as experienced professionals.


This path usually begins with our Internship professionals, developed in close collaboration with our academic partner institutions, such as the University of São Paulo’s Escola Politécnica and FEA-USP.


The young talents admitted into usually spend two years at Votorantim, where they go through a tailored program to develop technical and soft skills, such as self-knowledge. During this period, they also learn the ins and outs of the business and have the opportunity to get up close to the decision-making process.

Movimenta – Several possibilities at Votorantim’s portfolio companies

With a portfolio made of 12 companies from different sectors, Votorantim’s professional have a several opportunities to explore.

By way of our Movimenta program, our employees have access to all career opportunities within Votorantim and companies in our portfolio.

Following this approach, our talents can face new challenges and develop themselves professionally while knowing Votorantim’s core values will always be part of their jobs, regardless of their roles.

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If you want to be part of this team, apply now

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