Compliance and risk management

Compliance and risk management

Our Compliance Program has well-established pillars to guide Votorantim’s business conduct, reflecting the company’s commitment to managing businesses with integrity, transparency and ethical standards.

This conduct aims to guarantee sustainability of the business, and our Values – Integrity, Collaboration and Courage, composing the Votorantim’s DNA – are present in all our actions, investment decisions and relationships with stakeholders:

Laws and Regulations;

License, Authorizations and Certificates;

Contracts and Agreements;

External Reports;

Competition Defense /Antitrust;

Loss and Fraud Prevention;

Corruption Prevention


Measures are one of the pillars that define the Compliance Program.

These guidelines apply to everyone, from leaders to business partners, and create an ethical and sustainable business environment. The contracting of suppliers includes anti-corruption analysis and the relationship with the government is carried out in a transparent manner.

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Ethics Line

Impartial and transparent, the Ethics Line guarantees the confidentiality of information, preserving the identity of the people involved. This line makes it possible to clear up any interpretation doubts, forward complaints of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct and follow up a complaint already made. All allegations of retaliation are thoroughly investigated.

The service is available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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Phone: 0800 300 4525

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all of our employees, at all levels, from the operation to the board of directors and shareholders, and serves as a reference for business partners. Our performance is based on compliance with all laws, regulations and policies in all regions and countries in which we operate. The Code is explicit: it is prohibited to offer or receive any kind of advantage in order to guarantee a business or personal gain, especially in relation to civil servants or government authorities. In addition, it provides the appropriate way to report suspicious conduct or an evident violation.

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Internal Audit

Each Votorantim invested company has an Internal Audit team that reports to the Audit Committee, Board of Directors’ advisory made up of independent members.

Internal Audit seeks to examine, evaluate, monitor and recommend possible improvements in internal processes and controls, in order to add value and contribute to risk management.