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Social Investment

As part of its commitment to society, Votorantim invests in areas such as education, public management and health, in partnership with Instituto Votorantim. It also influences the portfolio companies to generate social and environmental value through their businesses.

The Social DNA is made up of four axes that guide our social and environmental initiatives. What motivates our engagement is our belief in sustainable development that reconciles natural resources with human practices.

We are committed to:

• Finding solutions within and outside the companies′ boundaries and business models to embed social and environmental aspects into the core business.

• Connecting people, skills, goals, and economic partners to advance sustainable development.

• Building bridges with local communities and creating democratic spaces for discussion.

• Maintaining the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide for Votorantim’s actions, scale of ambitions, and callings.

We have an unshakable commitment to creating value for our stakeholders and we seek more than financial results, supporting both the communities located within our areas of operation and society at large.”

Sergio Malacrida
Executive Director

Social investment as part of our strategy

Looking after our communities has always been in Votorantim's DNA.

Instituto Votorantim is a center for applied social intelligence that develops social and environmental solutions focused on value creation. It works in four areas: programs and projects, consultancy, impact investing, and knowledge. In 2022, Instituto Votorantim celebrated its 20th anniversary.

It works closely with our portfolio companies, assisting them in creating sustainable business models and identifying investment opportunities while sharing knowledge with all of them.

Social investment as part of our strategy

Looking after our communities has always been in Votorantim's DNA.

The methodologies and services developed by Instituto Votorantim have positively impacted over 10 million people in 23 of Brazil’s 27 states over the past 20 years — a wealthy return for the BRL 1.5 billion Votorantim has invested in the initiative since its inception.

But we aim to do more. Instituto Votorantim also works with partners to boost its reach and supports social and environmental initiatives.

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