Patient capital, non-negotiable purpose

Votorantim is a permanently capitalized investment holding company, with a worldwide long-term investment approach, that seeks to deliver superior financial returns allied with positive social and environmental impacts.

We do this by assisting our portfolio companies to modernize, expand and consolidate their core activities while keeping an eye out for new business models worthy of our future portfolio.

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Our portfolio companies operate in key, high-growth sectors of the economy, including building materials, finance, aluminum, clean and renewable energy, metals and mining, orange juice, infrastructure, long steel, real estate, investments, environmental services and consumer healthcare.

Patient capital

We invest with the goal of preserving shareholder’s capital while expanding our portfolio across sectors, geographies, and risks perspective, meaning we are patiently shifting our profile to less volatile assets and more stable markets.

Capital Capital

Strengthening the core:

Modernization, expansion and consolidation

Value unlocking:

Extract value from the asset base by leveraging existing skills and capabilities


Business opportunities associated with companies' needs; opportunities and risks that follow products and processes

New patterns of production and consumption and new business models

Our companies

Our portfolio companies operate in 22 countries and across a range of sectors.

Private Companies
Building Materials

One of the largest global cement companies, operating in 11 countries. It is the largest cement player in Brazil.

Ownership: 100%
Financial Services

5th largest privately held bank in Brazil, with a leading position in auto finance and a fast-growing digital banking business.

Onwership: 50%
Orange Juice

World’s largest orange juice producer, operating from a highly competitive asset base in Brazil.

Ownership: 50%
Long Steel

More than 50 years of history manufacturing high-quality long steel products in Argentina.

Ownership: 100%
Real Estate

Ative management of urban development projects and flagship commercial properties.

Ownership: 100%

Votorantim/Temasek partnership to invest in growth capital in Brazil.

Ownership: 60%
Environmental Services

Developer of projects for the green economy focused on nature-based solutions.

Ownership: 100%
Listed Companies

Only vertically integrated aluminum producer in Brazil, from mining to finished products.

Ownership: 68%
Renewable Energy

One of the largest renewable energy platforms in Brazil.

Ownership: 38%
Mining & Smelting

Top 5 zinc producer globally, with mines and smelters located in Peru and in Brazil.

Ownership: 65%

Brazil’s largest infrastructure and mobility platform.

Ownership: 10%

Votorantim is headquartered in São Paulo. Votorantim has approximately 61,000 direct and indirect employees across 532 operating units worldwide, including Instituto Votorantim and the Center of Excellence (CoE).

Some of our investment cases in collaboration with other institutional investors:

CPP Investments

Votorantim has teamed up with CPP Investments to create Auren Energia, one of the largest renewable energy platforms in Brazil.


Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) is a professional investment management organization that manages the Fund in the best interest of the 21 million contributors and beneficiaries of the Canada Pension Plan. In order to build diversified portfolios of assets, investments are made around the world in public equities, private equities, real estate, infrastructure and fixed income.


Strategic partnership with Temasek created a new US$700 million fund to explore new investments opportunities in growth capital in various sectors of the Brazilian economy through the creation of 23S Capital.


Temasek is an investment company committed to catalysing solutions to global challenges and activating capital – financial, human, social and natural – to bring about a better and more inclusive world for all.