About Us

We are the CoE | Center of Excellence Votorantim. We are approximately a thousand individuals operating in Curitiba and São Paulo, Brazil, and Lima, Peru, within a structure comprised of competency hubs in the areas of finance, accounting, taxes, human resources, real estate solutions, information security, information technology, analytics, and innovation, providing services to Votorantim invested companies. We are a dedicated team committed to generating original and high-quality solutions that are effective and integrated with the common demands of the companies in the portfolio.

About Us

The right way, with the right People

We believe in the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect in our relationships. These values are part of our essence and reflect how we experience day-to-day life.

Here at CoE, you will find an environment of continuous learning and collaboration. We choose to follow this path together. Come be part of this journey with us!

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Multiple Specializations

We operate in the provision of services for the companies in Votorantim portfolio within a structure formed by the following fronts:

Solutions with a focus on back-office services in Finance, Accounting, Taxes, and Human Resources.

Real Estate Solutions with a focus on geoprocessing, regularization, market intelligence, and management.

Information Technology with a focus on projects, technology services, governance, corporate contract management, business solutions, and information security.

Benchmark IEG 2023 Award

The CoE performance, particularly in solutions focusing on back-office services, was recognized as the first place in the maturity ranking of the CSC Benchmark conducted by the Institute of Management Engineering (IEG), with highlights in continuous innovation, people management, customer experience, data intelligence, and culture.

CoE Offices

Center of Excellence Curitiba

1303 Curitiba/Rio Branco do Sul Road,Curitiba, PR, 82130-570, Brazil

Center of Excellence São Paulo

291 Manuel Bandeira Avenue, 1st floor, Suite 21B, Block B, São Paulo, SP, 05317-020, Brazil

Center of Excellence Lima

250 Jirón Vittore Scarpazza Carpaccio, Int.305, San Borja, Lima, Peru