Mensagem da liderança

Durante toda a história, o sucesso e o crescimento dos negócios da Votorantim estiveram associados a uma sólida ética empresarial. Ser referência inclui o firme propósito de conduzir a atividade empresarial com honestidade e responsabilidade social.

O Código de Conduta é resultado da construção contínua de uma cultura baseada nos valores de Integridade, Colaboração e Coragem, reafirmando nosso compromisso de impactar positivamente a sociedade.

Além de dar visibilidade aos valores da Votorantim, o Código de Conduta apresenta os comportamentos esperados de todos os nossos profissionais e também de terceiros que se relacionem conosco. Trata-se de uma visão atualizada e moderna sobre questões que podem surgir durante as atividades diárias de cada um.

Nesse sentido, a Votorantim se mostra atenta às tendências e melhores práticas de Governança, Gerenciamento de Riscos, Compliance, Sustentabilidade, e respeito aos Direitos Humanos, entre tantos outros temas relevantes.

It is worth emphasizing that the elaboration of this Code is the product of the active involvement of various areas, with the support and guidance of the Executive Directorate and the Board of Directors. The result is an objective and easily understandable text, consistent with the complexity of the issues approached, which contains clear guidelines and provides security for all stakeholders.

Votorantim’s history and the values it has consolidated show that the company’s future will continue to be based on ethics and integrity.

Eduardo Vassimon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

João Schmidt


Guide for decision-making

A professional´s daily work requires making a number of decisions, and the aim of this Code of Conduct is to help in such situations. When faced with an important decision or in doubt about how to act, ask yourself:

I would feel bad or uncomfortable if my decision:

Is exposed in the media?

Would be exposed to my family?

Could harm or put someone at risk?

I would feel bad or uncomfortable if my decision:

Is exposed in the media?

Would be exposed to my family?

Could harm or put someone at risk?

Votorantim’s DNA

Votorantim´s DNA is our essence. Integrity, Collaboration and Courage are the values that guide our behavior, they refer to what we believe in, defend, and disseminate. The guidelines in this Code of Conduct aim to ensure that Votorantim’s values are reflected in our decisions and way of acting.

Valuing people

We believe in collaboration and mutual respect for all people. We value differences and dialogue, creating a safe and collaborative working environment.

Integrity in business conduct

We believe that Integrity is a value that should guide the behavior of our professionals and third parties, sustaining the company’s business on solid foundations. Ethics is the best way to honor Votorantim’s history and build its future.

Corporate accountability

We believe that it is possible to manage businesses responsibly, returning value not only to the company, but also to the society and the environment. We seek to maximize the positive impact of our activities, by continuously improving our relationship with stakeholders, and monitoring and influencing our portfolio companies, always committed to transparency.


Protecting our assets and reputation

We are committed to protecting Votorantim’s reputation and resources. In this sense, everyone is responsible to act in the prevention of threats, both in physical and digital environments, as well as ensuring that business information is made public by the right means.

Speak out

The Ethics Line is the most appropriate and safest way to report inappropriate conduct that can be accessed by telephone or via the website, in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Reports can be updated and followed up by the person reporting, who has the option of making them anonymously or not.

All reports are received by an independent outsourced company and are handled with due autonomy and confidentiality by the Compliance area.

To use the Ethics Line, go to