We reinforce our purpose of doing business, recognizing the legacy that has brought us here, creating value with environmental and social responsibility, contributing to the development of people and anticipating social demands. Our investments range through a diversified portfolio, both from a geographical and industry viewpoint. Our investees belong to important economic industries in Brazil and are present in 19 other countries.

Building materials


One of the leading brands in construction materials in Brazil, with plants in 11 countries, the company operates in the segments of cement, mortar, concrete, agricultural inputs, co-processing, aggregates, grouting and services. It was the first civil construction company to issue ESG-based debentures in the Brazilian capital market.

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As the first aluminum producer in Latin America to have the international Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification, CBA follows the path of sustainability and humanitarian growth, working together with the communities where it operates.

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Renewable energy


Auren Energia is one of Brazil’s largest platforms for renewable energy and energy trading. With a clean and diversified matrix formed by assets located in different regions, its installed capacity is among the largest in the country (3.3GW).

Its trading division has a robust customer base, handling more than 2.5 GWavg in 2021, and offering a broad portfolio of products and solutions focused on customers’ needs, guided by continuous investment in market intelligence and digitization.

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banco BV

Focused on financial efficiency, the banco BV stands out for its digital transformation and default control. Acting in the financial area for over 30 years, it is the 5th largest private bank in Brazil according to Central Bank ranking. Banco BV operates in Credit and Financing for people, Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset Management and Private Bank.

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Metals and mining


As one of the five largest zinc producers in the world, Nexa Resources is a reference from waste management to helping communities. Its projects include high safety and operational stability standards, cutting-edge environmental practices and organizational changes.

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Orange juice


Citrosuco is among the world leaders in orange juice production. By using the whole fruit, the company produces natural ingredients that support the replacement of non-renewable raw materials for renewable ones, serving different economic sectors such as cosmetics, health, cleaning, among others.

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Real estate


A real estate investment platform focused on reframing projects and proposing a reinterpretation of urban areas. it prioritizes income-generating assets to fulfil its resource allocation strategy and create value through the current properties of company’s portfolio. Also act in the management of real estate assets and in investment in real estate assets and funds.

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Long steel


Dedicated to elaborating high-quality iron and steel products, Acerbrag has more than 50 years of history operating in Bragado, Argentina.

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